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Venita King

King paralegal Services, LLC is not a law firm. I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

For an affordable fee, we will professionally prepare an uncontested divorce for you using Florida State Supreme Court forms. We have successfully prepared over 1,000 uncontested divorce cases.

For a one time, affordable fee, King Paralegal Bankruptcy Services, LLC will prepare a detailed bankruptcy petition for you based on the information you provide on our Client Intake Form. Please contact our office to discuss fees for this service.

Quit Claim Deeds / Power of Attorney

A Quit Claim Deed is used by the owner of real estate to quickly transfer ownership of the property to another person or entity. It is one of the quickest and cleanest ways to transfer property.
A power of attorney is a document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to handle your affairs while you're unavailable or unable to do so. The person or organization you appoint is referred to as an "Attorney-in-Fact" or "Agent."


“ Working with Venita has been a great experience. She's a real Pro. ”
Bob W., client