Bankruptcy Attorneys

Attorneys reduce your overhead while increasing your income!

King Paralegal Services, LLC provides Debtor Bankruptcy Attorneys with an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time employee. By using our Bankruptcy forms processing services, Bankruptcy Attorneys can take advantage of the following benefits:


* Eliminate the need for additional office space or equipment.
* Eliminate the need for time-consuming on the job training.
* Eliminate the need of having to make long-term employment commitments.
* Eliminate the costs of having to pay Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance.
* Eliminate the costs of having to pay Employer Social Security,and Employee benefits.
* Increase your clientele and profit margin.
* Attorneys pay a flat fee for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 petition preparation.
* More time to focus on other practice areas.

* Initial preparation of the complete bankruptcy petition.
* Preparation of any additional questions necessary to be answered in order to finalize petition and obtain missing information.
* These questions will be submitted to you in order to obtain the answers from your client.
* Preparation of any additional local forms.
* Certificate of Service for the Statement of Intentions.
* Research Home and Car Values.
* Drafting of correspondence and pleadings
* Telephone calls to your client to obtain missing information with attorney's approval.
* Electronic Filing.
* Data disk containing all client files for the month.
* Monitor cases on Pacer.
* Provide weekly case status reports.

Chapter 7 $200.00
Chapter 13 (with plan) $250.00
Chapter 7 - Business $300.00 ($50 debts or less) $450.00 ($51 debts or more)
Credit Report Import (Optional) $35 /Individual-- $60 /Joint Report/s

Please click on this link to download a FREE copy of the Bankruptcy Client Intake Form and have your client complete it and return it to your office.

We work as an independent contractor with you and your staff. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Remember, you may use our services on an as needed basis, or on a regular basis. The utilization of outsourcing to freelance services is vastly becoming a very attractive proposition for attorneys nationwide.